The Relevance of Using Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage is the most recent name for self-service storage unit rental. “Self” because you manage your affairs entirely yourself. Concretely, you rent a unit in a storage center, you pack your belongings, you transport them to the center and you store them in your unit. There are different companies offering such a service.

You should look for the best self storage facility that will keep your items safe and secure. Self-storage is one of the existing solutions for keeping your furniture. This is the new version of the storage unit. Unlike classic storage, self-storage is adapted to your requirements on the size of the storage unit, the flexibility of payment, and ease of access at any time. You can deposit and withdraw your belongings at will and come back as many times as you want.

What Are the Advantages of Self-Storage?

The specificitystorage units of self-storage is its great availability at all times. As its name suggests, this unit has the shape of a spacious cube where you can safely store your furniture and objects for the duration of your choice. You can therefore proceed with the move with confidence because the rented room is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance and a code is assigned to you to secure access.

The size of the units varies between 1 m² and 100 m² or even more depending on your needs. Their size, location, and price vary according to criteria specific to your needs. It could be a room the size of a cupboard if you only want to keep a few documents or archives. It could also be a warehouse the size of a hangar to hold much larger items.

In a traditional storage unit, you are not the one who fully manages your affairs. You entrust them to the furniture repository, which is generally responsible for storing and removing them itself. You can only collect your belongings in the presence of the guard. You must therefore respect the opening and closing hours.

How Is Self-Storage Useful for a Move?

In addition, if youstorage facility have to move quickly and you cannot leave your old furniture in the old house, self-storage is essential. Leaving an apartment in 3 days, having to transport your belongings, take care of the cleaning and the cleanliness of the two apartments: these are necessary steps during a move.

To make things easier for you, it is quite possible to put your belongings in a storage unit while you clean your apartments, fill in holes in the walls, redo the paint, etc. Thus, your furniture will be locked without being damaged, soiled, or lost during cleaning and transport. Finally, take the time to gradually move your furniture to your new home and avoid sleepless nights to put everything away or back stiffness due to heavy loads.…